Tuesday, August 1, 2017

John Oliver exposes Alex Jones

Conservative President Donald Trump is a fan of InfoWars, Alex Jones' conspiracy website. As Megyn Kelly reports, he has the ear of Trump. (Beginning and at 2:40 below.) I've embedded Kelly's interview below. Yeah, Jones sounds crazy. But head over to YouTube and check out HBO's John Olive piece, "Alex Jones." First it exposes Jones as not just a conspiracy website but one which uses the stories to sell his products. Yep, I'm not linking because Oliver's piece has a graphic anatomical diagram.

Folks, there are conservative Republicans that follow Jones. Learn the truth about this conspiracy nut. He also pushed the "Pizzagate" story which alleged that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex operation out of a pizza restaurant. (Video at 12:30) A person took that literally and went in with a gun to "investigate." Shots were fired but no one was hurt. The shooter was arrested. That is the definition of "fake news", conservative President Trump.

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