Monday, August 7, 2017

Bill Maher exposes conservative hypocrisy about Trump and Obama

I've always said to you conservatives, "If Obama said that, you all would be marching on him" or if "Hillary Clinton did the Russian stuff we have on Trump, you all would be building the gallows for her hanging." I know you conservative Republicans.   You will defend Trump even as he does Russia's bidding.

Well, thanks to Bill Maher for this great comic piece. He shows conservative hypocrisy. Here he has an actor imitating Obama read Trump's actual words. And a warning. These ares some of conservative Trump's more adult and sexually charged comments. I'm talking the Hollywood Access tape. But if you followed  the election, you've heard them.

Conservatives, how do you feel if Obama said Trump's outrageous and terrible statements? Yeah, I see your reaction. Conservatives, put America first. Party should take a back seat to our patriotism.

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