Saturday, June 2, 2012

Those Crazy Birthers, Part Twenty Eight

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has no moral courage. Given the opportunity to repudiate Donald Trump's birther beliefs, Romney declined. He told CNBC this,

"I don't go around telling all my supporters what they should think or what they should say but he knows what i believe about this [.]"

So if a supporter said President Obama should be a slave, you would say nothing? This birthrism is racist. Period. When Obama offered his short form birth certificate, the birthers refused to believe. When the state of Hawaii said he was born in the state, the birthers refused to believe. When there was evidence of newspaper reports of Obama's birth from 1961, birthers refused to believe. When he offered his long form birth certificate, birthers refused to believe. No one questions Romney's place of birth even though his father was born in Mexico.

History will judge you Mitt Romney. And the verdict will be that you enabled racism. You were a silent as the voices of hate screamed their evil.

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