Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Republican Party "has been captured by the extreme right, " says Republican lawmaker

This politician may not be national leader but what he says about today's Republican Party is true. His name is John Savage and he's a state representative of Rhode Island. He's also a Republican. Make that a former Republican. Elected in 1999, today he quits the party because of its extremism and becomes an independent.

His words hit a bullseye on the nation's political landscape. Savage said this,

“I think the republican party or a good segment of it has been capture by the extreme right, the Tea Party and I’m in disagreement with many of their positions and I did not want to be associated or affiliated with that element of the party, I feel they are way to the right and I want to be more to the center and independent [.]”

He added,

“I’m saying yes, we have to move away from our extreme positions we have to work with each other. We have to be willing to compromise to move forward and get things done [.]”

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