Monday, June 25, 2012

Mass Effect 3-Priority: Rannoch, tips for Insanity

We continue our series on how to beat Mass Effect 3 on the Insanity difficulty setting. Today, we go over Priority: Rannoch. As we have done previously, we only go over the most difficult portions of the mission. My general tips for Insanity should cover the other parts of the mission.

1. Your class and weapons. I recommend Engineer. You have as powers, combat drones and a gun turret. But just as important as combat drones is Sabotage. You can hack a synthetic and he can attack your enemies.

My weapons are the M-97 Viper sniper rifle and the M-99 Saber. The Saber does great damage. And the Viper allows for kills without getting too close.

2. The squad. Tali is an engineer and has combat drones and sabotage. I arm her with the Graal Spike Thrower and the Scorpion pistol. I also choose Garrus. I arm him with the M-37 Falcon and Black Widow sniper rifle.

3. Tips for the hardest parts of Rannoch. The toughest parts of Rannoch come at the the end. It comes after you defeat a Geth Prime. You grab the elevator and confront three Primes.

a. The Three Primes. Right in front of you is a Spitfire. There is also one to the right near some crates. And there's one on the left. Grab the one in front of you. TAKE COVER.

Unload the Spitfire on the Prime. You didn't forget you're an engineer, did you? Unleash a combat drone. Get Tali to do the same. As soon as you can, deploy a gun turret. Okay, by now the Prime in front is on top of you. Run to the right. Get into cover. If you have to, sabotage a prime or its combat drone. Just remember you will have to deal with it once the spell wears off. Don't panic, stay in cover and move if you have to. But keep up with the launching of combat drones, and firing the Spitfire. Try to take them out one at a time. Don't spare the Medi-gel if one of your squadmates dies. If this is your third play through, you should have plenty. Eventually, you bring down all three Primes.

b. The Reaper. Okay, you've got to kill the Reaper by painting it with the targeting laser so the fleet can blast it. You must wait for the Reaper to show its big laser cannon to target it. You target it and two vertical bars begin to close. Once they close on the aiming target, the fleet fires.

The problem is that the Reaper is firing its laser at you. One hit and your dead. Here's what you do. Once the laser hits the ground in front of you, run. Running is more important than maintaining your lock. Why? The targeting laser remembers where you left off. After you hit the Reaper five times, it dies.

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