Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mass Effect 3-Priority: Horizon; Tips for Insanity difficulty

Here are some tips for Mass Effect 3-Priority: Horizon mission on the Insanity difficulty level. As per our series on Insanity difficulty, we'll just go over the hardest missions and parts. Before we begin, I suggest you read my basic tips for the Insanity difficulty level.

1. Your class and weapons. I suggest you play Insanity as an Engineer. You get a combat drone, and gun turret powers. My two weapons are the M-99 Saber assault rifle and the M-97 Viper sniper rifle. That combination keeps my power recharge speed in the blue.

2. Your Squad. I choose Tali. I give her the Graal Pike Thrower and Scorpion pistol. She has a combat drone. Now you have basically two extra squad members. Garrus is my second squad member. He gets the M-37 Falcon and the Black Widow sniper rifle.

3. Tips for the hardest parts of the mission.

a. General tips. Remember to keep your distance from enemies. Take them out from a distance. Stay in cover. Take down barrier generators or engines as a priority. If you must, fall back.

b. Sanctuary entrance. Okay, you're under attack when you approach the entrance to Sanctuary. Get into cover. There's a Nemesis on the platform in front of you. Then a Phantom jumps into the action.

Launch a drone at the Phantom. Focus on her. Once she's down, continue to stay in cover. Switch to sniper rifle and take out the Nemesis. Finish any stragglers.

c. Banshee and Ravager lab. This is the section after you get rushed by Husks. You see an ammo cache and turn into the long lab. Yikes. A Banshee and Ravager jump you. And they add Marauders for good measure.

Launch combat drones immediately. The Banshee heads for you. Focus your fire on her. If you have to, fall back. Keep moving if she gets a bead on you. If she grabs you, you're dead. You can also open the door to a chamber to the right. It will give you a little cover. Keep redeploying the drones and use the gun turret. Once she's down, hopefully the Ravager is weaken also. Take it on. Stay in cover and fall back if you have to. Finish off any infantry from afar.

d. Upper lab with the Ravagers. Once you climb up a ladder from where you claimed the Locust SMG, you enter a long lab. To your right is a section with cover but it is lower ground. To your left are support beams for cover. I go left. Immediately launch combat drones. Take out the sniper rifle and attack the Ravagers down the hall from a distance. Stay in cover. Make quick work of the Ravagers. You may have to fall back but remember there's very little room to fall back. Keep using your combat drones and gun turret.

Look for any barrier engine or generator. Destroy them. With all your allies, two combat drones and the squad you should be able to bring these guys down. I've tried this section with Liara and Garrus on Normal and it was hard. With the extra allies in the combat drones, this section is doable .

e. Upper lab with the Banshee and Brutes. You take the tram and enter this long lab. Okay, right away, a Brute comes to attack you at the door. Launch two combat drones at it. When it charges, jump to the left. Turn and unleash your Saber on it. You may wish to switch Tali to the shotgun if not already.

Okay, once it's dead, another Brute is close enough to attack you. Redeploy the combat drones. Hopefully, you squad will keep it at bay because down the hall is a Banshee and a Brute.

Once you see the Banshee down the hall, move to cover on the left. This lab is very similar to Ravager lab. Launch a combat drone at her. This will keep her busy. Take out your sniper rifle and shoot at her from a distance. Throw a gun turret in the middle of the hallway. Hopefully, your squad will have taken down the second Brute because here comes the Banshee.

If you've damaged her enough, switch to the Saber. Yeah, I know there's another Brute. But the Banshee is the priority here. If the Brute or Banshee gets too close, RUN TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LAB. Keep moving if you have to. I beat the Banshee because I was able to pin her down with a combat drone. Then I weakened her with the sniper rifle. Then I switched to the Saber and finished her off. Once you take out the Banshee, if the last Brute is still alive, dodge and fire. Keep redeploying the combat drones. Eventually you bring him down. Combat portion done. Now if you romanced Miranda, go and save her.

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