Monday, April 16, 2012

Time to thank Canada

Yesterday, it looked like the Cincinnati Reds were going to get swept in a four game series with the Washington Nationals. I mean they had just blew a five run lead and the game was in extra innings.

Let me tell you why Reds fans should thank Canada. Reds first basement Joey Votto (pictured) is from Canada. And in the eleventh inning with two men on, Joey Votto took an away fastball and slapped over the left fielder's head. It was an opposite field double that scored two runs. Votto later scored. Reds went ahead 8-5. In the bottom half of the inning the Nationals were able to put two runners on second and third. With two outs, Votto was able to snab a hot smash and throw the runner out. Reds win.

There are reasons why Joey Votto won the MVP in 2010. He hits for power. He hits for average. He drives in runs. He hits with runners in scoring position. Throughout his carer Votto has done all of these things. Now we add to his resume, defense. Oh, I forgot, he won the 2011 Gold Glove Award. Joey Votto is the Reds MVP.

Here's the story with video.

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