Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Cincinnati Reds re-sign Joey Votto to a big contract

The Cincinnati Reds put their money where their mouth is. Previously, owner Bob Castellini said he would bring championship baseball back to Cincinnati. Today, the Reds took a big step in that direction. They re-signed their first baseman, Joey Votto to a long term contract. The contract is for ten years and 225 million dollars. That kind of money paid to Votto is something that the New York Yankees would pay a player.

Is it worth it? If you're goal is to win every year, yes it is. Joey Votto is one of the premiere players in major league baseball. He hits for average. He hits for power. Power to all fields. He hits with runners in scoring position. In 2010, he was MVP. Here's his page. You build tams around a guy like Votto. And get this. He's only 28. The Reds will have him for the prime of his career.

By spending that much money, the Reds sent a signal to their fans. They will do everything possible to keep their star players. These players are the ones that can lead the team to a World Championship.

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