Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Romneys put their feet in their mouths

Okay by now you've heard Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen's comments criticizing Ann Romney, wife of GOP presidential candidate, MItt Romney. The comments basically were that Ann Romney didn't work outside the home and didn't have the burden that middle class women do.

But the Romneys have now exposed how arrogant and cynical they are. Ann Romney called the comments a birthday present. Yeah, it was good for the campaign. Then in an ABC, interview, Mitt Romney says to Barack Obama, "Start packing." Really Mitt? You're that confident? Thank God for the "lamestream" media. They found a video where Mitt Romney says single mothers on public assistance need the "dignity of work." So, Ann Romney works as a mother but a single poor woman who is struggling to raise a child, doesn't work.

Check out Ed Schultz's piece on this. Mitt, you won't get women's, independent, liberal, Hispanic and moderate votes. And you've said you were a "severely conservative" governor. So, Mitt we'll hold you to that when you try to tack to the center.

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