Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The face of the conservatives?

Rocker Ted Nugent has been a darling of the conservatives for years. He was a guest on Mike Huckabee's Fox TV show and jammed with him. (Video below.) And Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney sought his endorsement Romney even spoke with Nugent. Nugent then endorsed Romney. So, folks that is what we call a surrogate for the candidate.

Well at the NRA convention, Ted Nugent earned himself scrutiny from the Secret Service. First, he compared liberals and Democrats to coyotes who should be shot. Then he wanted voters to chop the heads off Democrats in November. He finished by saying that if Obama gets re-elected he would either be dead or in jail. Here's the story. By the way, I've drank with conservatives. And while many of them don't have this much bile, they are an angry bunch. So, Ted Nugent isn't that far off in terms of how conservatives feel. This has led to a Democratic attack ad. Video below.

By the way, some of you conservatives want to say look at what Hilary Rosen said. Sigh. First, she has nothing to do with President Obama's campaign. She's a pundit. Second, her words were taken out of context. Third, she did not call for violence. Maybe we need a laugh somewhere here. Below is Jon Stewart's commentary on the Huckabee-Nugent show where Huckabee calls Nugent a "patriot and a friend."

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