Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bengals draft best players available

I previously wrote that the Cincinnati Bengals needed to draft a defensive tackle to line up with rising star Geno Atkins. In the second round, the Bengals drafted defensive tackle Devon Still. (Penn State) I also wrote that the Bengals needed help at wide receiver. The Bengals drafted in the third round Mohamed Sanu and then with the pick from the New England Patriots, they got defensive tackle Brandon Thompson (Rutgers) Maybe. the Bengals should hire me.

There's a maxim in drafting players for football that you draft the best player available in areas of need. It's clear the Bengals followed this rule in these rounds. The Bengals drafted a second defensive tackle in round three, Brandon Thompson even though they drafted one in the second round. The draft class at defensive tackle was deep as far as quality. Let's look at the new Bengals.

Devon Still

The good. First round talent. Explosive. CAN COLLAPSE THE POCKET. The bad. He can play with pads high.

Mohamed Sanu

Mohamed Sanu already has a Bengals legacy. Somebody played a prank on him by calling him yesterday and saying the Bengals picked him in the late first round. I'm guessing Sanu was relieved when he found out it was a prank. I keeed. I keeed. Well, the Bengals made up for that by picking him in the third round.

The good. Excellent hands. Outstanding balance. The bad. Speed. But that could be deceiving. We'll see.

Brandon Thompson

The good. Excellent size for a DT. If the Bengals switch to a 3-4, Thompson can play nose tackle. Can tackle. Was a possible first round talent. The bad. Lack of sacks.

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