Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mass Effect 3: How to get the Hijacker Achievement

Having trouble getting the Hijacker Achievement for Mass Effect 3? Here's an easy way of getting it, though it will cost you some money.

To get the Hijacker Achievement, you must hijack an Atlas Mech. To hijack an Atlas, you must shoot out the glass canopy and kill the driver. Then you must enter the Atlas before another enemy decides to do so. It's not so easy since the Mech has guns and homing rockets. One or two shots from those weapons and you're dead. Plus, the thing moves onto your position even while you're under cover. So taking shots at it, could get you killed.

Here's the easiest way to get this achievement. Get the DLC mission "From Ashes." Yeah, I know some of you are mad that BioWare put this mission as DLC on the first day of the main game's release, thereby forcing you to pay extra money. Get over it. I have already recommended that you get this DLC for the story lines. I've also told you to suck it up.

Start the mission. First, before you go on land on Eden Prime, equip yourself with a sniper rifle. Okay, at the end of the mission you are about to revive the Prothean known as Javik. Save your game. And do so often. Anyway once you push the button, you will be attacked by two waves of Cerberus soldiers. Once you've defeated those two waves you will get a message from a squadmate for you to get ready by stocking up on supplies.

Right. Get ammo if you have to. Now run up to the ladder of the building that you came down from to get to the stasis tube. Climb up to the roof. At this moment you're going to hear the Atlas land with a thud. Additional infantry arrives. I go to the part of the roof that juts out. Stay under cover. Arm the sniper rifle. Pop out and shot at the canopy of the Atlas Mech until it breaks. Kill the Mech driver. Okay now run to the stairs and climb down. If there any stragglers, take them out or hop into the Mech if you're clear and really create havoc. You may have to fight the stragglers without the Mech because they may be firing on you. Additionally they can also hop into the Mech. You can hop into the Mech even if there are no enemies left. Either way, you get the Hijacker Achievement.

Any downside to this easy way of doing it? Yeah, sometimes the Mech is too close to the building and you can't jump into it. But there will be a time where it's far enough away for you to get in. What's the big advantage? Atlas Mech don't climb ladders. And Machete don't text.

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