Friday, April 27, 2012

Did the Bengals bungle the draft?

Just like 2010, I got the Cincinnati Bengals draft right again. Okay, I didn't guess the right players but got the right positions the Bengals drafted. They drafted a cornerback in Dre Kirkpatrick (Ala.) and an offensive guard in Kevin Zeitler. (Wis.)

After getting Kirkpatrick, then the Bengals traded out of round 21 to round 27. They get from the New England Patriots, their first round pick and a third rounder. This is important. Available at round 21, was offensive guard and stud, David DeCastro. (Stanford) He's the best guard in the draft. The Bengals need guards. The hated Pittsburgh Steelers get him in round 24. Doh! Did the Bengals bungle the draft?

Let's go over the first round picks.

Dre Kirkpatrick.

Dre's got great size for a cornerback. Excellent instincts. Played against the best receivers in the nation for Alabama in the SEC. Shutdown corner. The downside? Arrest for marijuana possession. Case got dismissed. Bengals like their guys to have arrests so that's bad. I keeed. I keeed.

Kevin Zeitler

Every report on this year's draft rated David DeCastro as the best guard in the draft. But the Bengals like to ignore good judgment. Obviously, the Bengals didn't see what all the fuss was about. But does anyone over at Paul Brown Stadium remember Akili Smith?

So what do we know about Kevin Zeitler? Excellent size. Mauler. Gets his hands on defenders and destroys them. The bad. Gets his hands on defenders. Folks, that's what we call holding. Anyway with DeCastro available at 21, the Bungles er... the Bengals better be right.

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