Saturday, December 24, 2011

Surely scalpers, and Bengals survive a hairy one

So, I get up and hear that the attendance for today's Cincinnati Bengals game against the Arizona Cardinals was going to be terrible. I decide to go to the game. I get there and am told a scalper has a single ticket. He says, "This is at the fifty yard line." I say, "Yeah, right." "Eighty bucks." I say, "Forty." "Eighty" I walk away and give one more offer. "Fifty. Man, it's the second quarter already." "Eighty." "Dude, never mind." Okay he wasn't that surely but the guy is going to eat a ticket in the second quarter and he won't negotiate. Anyway, I go to the box office and buy the cheapest ticket. I sit in the upper deck at the north end zone.

It's the second quarter. The Bengals are up, 10-0. Bengals kicker Mike Nugent misses a field goal. Bengals cornerback intercepts a Cardinals pass by their quarterback John Skelton. Bengals drive. And then the play of the year for the Bengals and possibly the NFL happens. Bengals wide receiver streaks over the middle on a slant. He catches it and is racing for a touchdown. Right before he gets to the endzone, a Cardinals defender tries to stop him. Simpson leaps forward and somersaults over him like a gymnast. Simpson lands on his feet and sticks the landing. Touchdown! Here's the play. (Also pictured above. Video below too.) You've got to see it. Later in the quarter, the Bengals kick a field goal. Bengals 20-0 over the Cardinals.

Of course, when it comes to football there are two halves. The Bengals are in control. The Bengals defense is stifling the Cardinals offense. The Bengals go ahead 23-0. Cruising towards a win, you say. Nothing is ever easy for the Bengals.

Fourth quarter. The Bengals offense goes cold. Bengals running back Cedric Benson fumbles. That gives Cardinals QB John Skelton the chance to lead his team to a touchdown. Later in the quarter, Benson fumbles again. And before you know it, the Cardinals have scored 16 points.

Oh, oh. The Bengals look like they are going to blow one of the biggest leads in team history. And here it comes. On a fourth and five with less than two minutes, the Cardinals are in the red zone. They're down by seven points. With that little time, the Cardinals had to go for it. Skelton gets the snap and fades back. Cardinals receiver Early Ducet is wide open and streaking towards the endzone. Skelton sees him. Oh, no Bengals nation. Ducet falls down. The ball sails over him. Incomplete. MERRY CHRISTMAS CINCINNATI BENGALS AND BENGALS FANS! BENGALS HOLD ON TO WIN. Bengals 23, Cardinals 16.

How about another Christmas present? The Bengals were tied with the New York Jets for the final Wild Card. The New York Giants beat the Jets sending them to a record of 8-7. The Cincinnati Bengals won. They are 9-6 and one game ahead of the Jets. MERRY CHRISTMAS CINCINNATI BENGALS AND BENGALS FANS! If the Bengals beat the Baltimore Ravens next week on New Years Day, the Bengals will be in the playoffs.

One more game Bengals Nation. One more win and the Bengals are in the playoffs! Here are today's highlights.

Bengals receiver Jerome Simpson's gymnastic leap into the endzone.

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