Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Should you see Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol in IMAX?

Okay, you're off to see Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol at the movie theater. But do you see it with a regular projector or do you see the movie in IMAX and pay extra bucks? Ghost Protocol's Brad Bird gushes about filming with IMAX cameras and the quality of the picture. (Wikipedia article.) But you didn't expect him to dis own movie?

A quick word about IMAX. I'm not going to go over the technical details about IMAX and hopefully I don't sound like an ad for it. Let me just say this. IMAX theaters have a larger screen than the regular movie screen. There is greater height. The picture has greater resolution so you get a crisp, clear and clean presentation. The sound is sharper and brighter.

I've seen Ghost Protocol at a regular theater and with IMAX projection. At the IMAX theater, I was particularly attentive during the Burj Khalifa scene. This is where Bird praises IMAX as making a difference. Well, I didn't notice it. I will concede IMAX gives you a better picture but it's not worth price difference.

So, the question is answered. Not really. I did notice something that many people don't think about. Sound. Sometimes during the movie, Simon Pegg's character Benji will whisper. At the regular theater, I had trouble picking up his dialogue. At IMAX, I could clearly hear his words.

Conclusion. Since you get a better picture and you get better sound that improves your movie going experience, I recommend IMAX.

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