Sunday, December 4, 2011

Republicans hate intelligence and poor people

If you've been following the circus that has been the Republican race for the presidential nomination, you would get a couple of threads running through it. Republicans hate intelligence and poor people. Now before you say this is just a liberal attack on conservative Republicans, let me say I will use proof to back my points.

A. Republicans hate intelligence.

Exhibit 1: Herman Cain. One time Republican presidential leader Herman Cain struggled to exhibit any knowledge of President Obama's Libya policy during an interview. Now, this was the biggest foreign policy question during the summer since it involved using American forces to topple Libyan dictator Gaddafi. Americans were initially involved but Obama let the French take over. Anyway, he later defended his ignorance in a speech, basically saying he didn't need to know everything, that's what experts were for. And the Republican audience was clapping. He then said one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. "We need a leader not a reader." Chris Matthews of Hardball jumped on that and noted that it came from "The Simpsons Movie." By the way, he later got the Taliban confused with Libya. That kind of mistake gets Americans killed.

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Exhibit 2: Karl Rove's Attack Ad against Democrat Elizabeth Warren. Former President George W. Bush's Chief of Staff Karl Rove's PAC has produced an attack ad. Watch this ad. The ad labels Warren as "Professor." Huh? Is there something wrong with being a college professor?

B. Republicans hate the poor.

Exhibit 1: Newt Gingrich. He's now in the lead for the GOP presidential nomination. And on Friday, Gingrich slammed the poor by saying that poor children have no habits of showing up for work on Monday. He slams them as not knowing how to get money except by getting it illegally. Now put that on top of his desire to end child labor laws, his comments that millionaires get food stamps, you know this guy has no conception of what it's like to be poor and looks down upon them. Oh, I forgot the goofy stuff about welfare mothers should give up their children to orphanages. That orphan stuff came from the nineties. Listen to my man Al Sharpton rail against Gingrich in his MSNBC piece.

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Exhibit 2: The Republican Party Yeah, the attack against the poor by the Republicans has been going on for decades. Remember the old welfare mothers attack? Rachel Maddow does. Check out her piece below. But recall the cheering when GOP candidate Ron Paul was asked if society should just let a person who couldn't afford health insurance die.

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