Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bengals not ready for prime time

The Cincinnati Bengals got destroyed by the Pittsburgh Steelers, 35-7. It was over by the first half. A bad omen appeared when the Bengals drove down to goal line. Quarterback Andy Dalton threw a touchdown pass. But A.J. Green was offside. Doh! Bengals don't make the TD and had to settle for a field goal. Kick is good. No, delay of game penalty. Doh! They try again. Blocked. Doooh! Doh! Folks, I don't want t write Bengals comedy.

Everything went wrong. The Bengals defense couldn't tackle or cover. The special teams sucked. A fumble by kick off returner Brandon Tate led to a Steelers touchdown. The Steelers returned a punt for a TD with the help of a referee who refused to call an illegal block. The offensive line could not block to spring the run or protect Dalton. Right tackle Andre Smith was hurt. And Andy Dalton left the game in the fourth quarter when two Steelers fell on him.

I hope the Bengals get a video of the Steelers having a good time on the sideline. That should burn in their memories. The road to the playoffs for the Bengals is the Wild Card. But if you're a Cincinnati sports fan, you expect the sky to fall on you. At least the Cincinnati Reds won the World Series in 1990.

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