Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cincinnati Bengals Owner Mike Brown Is Right, Part 2

You'll hear sports pundits call Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown, a hypocrite for holding quarterback Carson Palmer to his contract while Brown cuts players still under contract. The argument is that Brown is not honoring his part of the contract. Well, that's not a correct way of looking at the rights of a NFL owner. Brown under the NFL collective bargaining agreement and the players contract has the right to cut players. That's part of the agreement, so Brown has not violated his portion of the contract. Carson Palmer signed a contract to play for the Bengals and the Bengals have the exclusive rights on him for the next three years of his NFL career.

I've argued that Brown was right in holding his ground by not trading Palmer. Can't let the inmates run the asylum. By the way, asylum is the appropriate description for the Bengals. It would set a horrible precedent since you would not be able to sign important players to long term deals. But this fiasco would have never happened if Mike Brown had run a competent NFL franchise. The problem is whether Mike Brown sees what is happening and changes his ways.

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