Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mass Effect 2: Tali: Treason Tips For Insanity Difficulty Setting

Here are more tips for the hardest parts of Mass Effect 2 on the Insanity difficulty setting. Today we take on the Tali:Treason mission. As you well know, this is Tali's Loyalty mission. These posts cover only the hardest parts of the mission. If you want a walkthrough, check out this one from Mass Effect Wiki. Also read my general tips.

1. You can play this mission after the Suicide Mission. Yes, you can take Tali without loyalty into the Suicide Mission and she will survive. Just don't send her into the tube and keep the fire team strong with everyone else loyal and manned by guys like Grunt. She will survive. And you can play this mission after you've defeated the Collectors. Plus, when you take this mission on, you've probably upgraded and are pretty strong.

2. Know Your Enemy. Geth Hunters, troopers and a Geth Prime are your opponents. On Insanity everybody has shields. The Prime has shields, armor and health.

3. Your Weapons and Powers Please. Since I play as a soldier, I take the Revenant machine gun. More punch than all the assault rifles. My heavy weapon is either the Collector Particle Beam or ML-77 Missile Launcher. Now this is important. My sniper rifle must fire quickly. I choose the M-97 Viper Sniper Rifle. Bigger clip. And the sniper rifle is important for this battle.

My Loyalty Bonus Power is Slam. Once a Geth loses his shield and is down to health, I can Slam him a couple times to kill him. It also is a life saver since I can stop a charging Geth in his tracks assuming I've taken down his shields.

Your Squad. Of course, Tali is one. But I've always taken Legion when I play this on mission on the Normal difficulty setting and I'm going to take him on the Insanity difficulty setting. First, you get some interesting dialogue with the Quarians. Second, Legion is great against Geth. He uses an assault rifle. And this is most important. He can launch Combat Drones against Geth even when they have shields. And on unshielded Geth, he can use his AI hacking to turn one against the others. By the way Tali also has Combat Drones and AI Hacking powers.

4. General Tips. Stay in cover. Keep your distance. If Geth Hunters are on the battleground, take them out first. They charge your position and have a devastating shotgun. Let's proceed to the two hardest parts of this mission.

5. The Stairway To Heaven. You know where we are at. You examine a console and talk to Tali about her father's experiments with Geth. Save your game. Get ready for the hardest part of this mission. Now open the door to the stairway that leads down to Tali's father.

This sounds counter intuitive, but take out your sniper rifle. Get into cover behind the walled railing. Aim your rifle at the door on the lower floor. Here they come. Unleash rounds into the Geth entering. Don't worry about missing when you aim for the head. Keep the fire going. When a Hunter comes through the door, let him have it. Now you should have killed a few Geth by now. Pause the action with the Power Wheel. Okay, scan the battlefield. Locate the enemy and identify any that are on the stairs and about to breach your position. If none are on the stairs, use your squad's powers whether they be Combat Drone or AI Hacking.

A Geth or two will make it upstairs. Switch to assault rifle. If there are two and one is a Hunter, he gets priority. Dont' forget to use your squad's powers and Slam. They could save your life. And watch out for the Geth across from you on the upper floor. If you have to, retreat to the room with the monitor. Wipe out all the Geth from the upper floor.

Okay, the coast is clear. Go downstairs and scavenge for ammo and credits. Discover Tali's father and comfort Tali. Yeah, you heard me, don't be a jerk. Hug her. Go to the room to the left and hack the lockers. Get credits. Save game.

6. Battle Of The Bridge. As you enter the bridge, there's a Geth Prime, a Geth Hunter, and two Geth troopers. They're surrounded by walls with two openings one on each side and a back clear wall. Okay, starting with Legion use his Combat Drone on the Hunter. I start with Legion because sometimes will use his shielding to deny access to you assigning a power attack to an enemy. Then immediately use Tali's combat drone on one of the troopers.

Stay away from the openings since the Geth will be gunning for you. Focus on the Hunter and feed him a healthy heaping of lead. Move if you have to. Don't forget to use Combat Drones, AI Hacking and Slam. Slam is especially effective if an unshielded Geth is on top of you. Once these guys are down, it's time to kill the Prime. Drones, and once the Prime is down to his health, Slam are effective. Eventually he can't stand the attacks of the three of you and goes down.

7. Don't Forget. Before you disable the Geth console, go to the back clear wall. Get the Quarian model and credits. Okay, now go back, disable the console and preserve the honor of Tali's father. Yeah, that's Paragon. I'm a nice guy.

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