Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mass Effect 2: N7: Imminent Ship Crash Tips for Insanity Difficulty

Here's some tips for the Mass Effect 2: Imminent Ship Crash mission on the Insanity difficulty setting. Now I played this mission way after the Suicide Mission which should tell you how imminent the ship will crash. :-) Before we begin, you might want to check out my general tips for the Insanity setting.

1. Know your enemy. Geth. Geth with shields on Insanity. That leads us to the selection of your squad.

2. Your Squad. Since it's Geth, on Normal, I take Tali and Legion. They make the mission a snap. Their AI hacking and combat drones are the key. Well, on Insanity, I still choose Tali and Legion. Well, the same powers are still effective though to use AI hacking you have to take down a target's shields. However, combat drones work on shielded targets.

3. Weapons, armor and powers. As a soldier, I take the Revenant machine gun. Armor is Kestrel. My bonus power is Slam.

4. Walkthrough. As soon as you board the ship, the MSV Broken Arrow, EDI will tell you have six minutes to stop the ship from crashing into the planet. Hack the door and get into the control room. Once inside, Geth will attack you. Get to cover. Take then out. Okay, once they're down get the Medi-gel and iridium. Access the console and open the door to the engine room.

In the engine room, to your left is iridium. Grab it. Okay, right behind you is the first power coupling. But you must hold your Omni-tool over the controls to turn it on. There's a meter which will tell you when you've established power. However, if you get shot, the meter falls back to zero. You have to start again. And that's the rub.

Above you are two balconies. Geth will rain fire down on you. And they come in infinite waves of Geth trooper, and rocket troopers. Now if you have to take cover, there's a wall before each power coupling. But time is winding down. What to do?

Use Tali and Legion. For each balcony, ask them to launch a combat drone. That should give you time to access the controls to activate the coupling. Now Mass Effect Wiki suggest you wait for a lull after killing the Geth. But what happens with me is that the lull is too short. So use your squad's powers. And if a Geth loses his shields you can AI hack him to fire on his own troops.

Now run to the other power coupling. Same procedure as above. Once done there, the rest of the mission is a snap. Run up the ramp. The third control to activate is here. It's under cover so the Geth can't shoot you to stop the activation. Finish activating the engine. Mission complete.

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