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Mass Effect 2: Legion: A House Divided Tips For Insanity Difficulty

I've read some posts on forums where people have trouble with Legion's Loyalty mission, "A House Divided" for Mass Effect 2 on the Insanity difficulty setting. How about some tips for the hardest parts of this mission? If you want to read a complete walkthrough check this one out from Mass Effect Wiki. And remember to check out my general tips for playing Mass Effect 2 on Insanity.

To get this mission, you have to activate Legion. In a short period, he will tell Yeoman Chambers that he wants to talk to you. Now remember after you get Legion, there are two missions left before the crew gets kidnapped and you must go through the Omega 4 Relay. Assuming you want to save them. You do, don't you? :-) I make this mission one of the last two.

1. The Squad. I bring Tali. That's because the enemy are Geth. Tali has the two talents that Legion has which are Combat Drones and AI hacking. On the normal difficulty setting this squad makes the mission a snap. On Insanity, all the Geth have shields. In fact, Mass Effect Wiki suggests Miranda. I completed this mission on Insanity with Tali and Legion without too much difficulty. That's because once you take down the shields of a Geth, he can be hacked. And remember that combat drones work on shielded Geth. One thing about Miranda is that I use her Slam power as my bonus power.

If you evolve AI hacking to the highest level, choose Improved AI Hacking. It allows the hack to last longer. I have found evolving Area AI Hacking to be lacking. Sorry for that. Really Area AI Hacking doesn't work that good. Plus if you bring Tali, you can hack multiple targets with her power.

There are two really difficult parts to this mission. So let's get to them, shall we?

2. The Room With the Ramps. As you move through the Heretic station, you enter a room from the top on a ramp. Data streams lead down. And try as you might, you cannot avoid stepping on them. Because one of your squad, does the honors. Doh! Now you wait for the onslaught but the Geth don't come. You have to go to either the alcove to your right or left to get them to engage. And each alcove has a Hunter with two troopers! And there's no cover.

Well, you gotta die sometime. First, station your squad at the top of the ramp. Then engage the Geth on either side and get a few shots in before they overwhelm you. Run up the ramps. Use your squad's tech powers to hold them off. Use Slam on unshielded Geth that get too close. And of course, give them a generous heaping of lead. Yeah, you will probably die a couple of times. But it's not impossible. You just have to keep using all the powers available which are weapons, AI Hacking, Combat Drones and Slam.

3. Defend the Core. On Normal, with Tali and Legion this last part is a snap. On Insanity, it's a little harder. When you first enter the room, look around. There's a C shaped low wall at the back of the room. This is excellent for cover when the Geth breach your position. There are two rocket turrets on this floor also. Go to the railing. Down below is a maze of computers and there are more rocket turrets.

The rocket turrets. Preserve them. Activate one for each wave of Geth that will attack you. And when the Geth breach the top floor activate the rocket turret on this floor.

Okay, time to start. Activate the terminal. Here they come from the bottom floor. Activate a rocket turret. You can use combat drones on shielded Geth. I like ripping down a Geth's shield and hacking them. There are three waves with each wave getting harder. There will be rocket troopers, in the second and third waves. Take them down first. The third wave features Geth Hunters. Now the mixture of AI hacking, combat drones, weapons, and your Slam power should make the first two waves manageable. The Geth will only get to the top of the ramps to your floor.

It's the third wave, where the Geth Hunters will likely breach your position. Relax. Run to the C wall in the back. Take cover. Activate a rocket turret. With all this fire the Geth Hunter doesn' move a whole lot. Unleash your assault rifle on him. You eventually overcome this last wave. Now go back to the terminal where you make your final decision to reprogram the Geth or destroy the station. Once you decide, you've got three minutes to leave. Collect ammo clips if you need them.

Marines, we are leaving. This is important as you escape. DO NOT PANIC. There's plenty of time to escape. Continue to stay in cover as you move down the hallway and kill Geth. Eventually, you will face a Geth Prime. There is cover in a low wall. Use it. You see, I almost blew it by not staying in cover. Unleash any heavy weapon the Prime. Again, you've got plenty of time to wipe out the Geth including the Prime. Finish off the Geth and get off the base. Congratulations, you've got the loyalty of your trophy, Legion. Um, that's an inside joke. You see if you take Legion to confront the Council, the Salarian calls Legion, your trophy. Okay, you have to be there.

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