Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mass Effect 2: Arrival, "Last Stand" Achievement Tips

To get the Arrival DLC's "Last Stand" Achievement for Mass Effect 2, you must withstand five waves of attackers while "defending" Object Rho. These bad guys include flamethrowing Pyros and Engineers. What you have to do is stay alive until the power bar at the right fills up. Here's how I got the achievement.

1. Are you Insane? Don't try to get this on the Insanity Difficulty Level. That's because it's insane. Don't torture yourself. I got the achievement on Normal.

2. Don't move right away. When the mission starts. you are hunkered down. Enemies are to your left and a soldier is to your right. Kill the guy on your right without delay. Stay under cover and don't move. Why? All the bad guys will come from your left. Now if you move, they will flank you. But staying where you started, the enemies won't move to your right. Take a look at the video below and note the bad guys flanking him. That doesn't happen if you stay put.

3. Pyros first. When Pyros show up, nail them first. Their flamethrowers will wreck your day.

4. Move when the YMIR Mech comes close. You will hear the steps of the YMIR Mech. Don't panic. It will be on the opposite side of the artifact. When this thing comes into sight, get ready to move. So run and seek cover. Use your weapons to take it down. Eventually, the power bar fills up and you get the achievement.

Here's how another guy got the achievement. Note how he gets flanked when he moved from the original position.


Chuck Wells said...

I couldn't tell you how I happened upon this blog, but after reading your Mass Effect 2 "Insanity" tips, I'm gonna have to give it a try.

I wasn't much of a gamer before, but I've played through ME2 several times on the lower settings, ME1 twice; and after getting hooked on these games, moved on to Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.

Bioware does a terrific job on both franchises, with the stories & characters making you just wanna visit over and over.

Thanks a bunch for the help (and wish me luck)!

Anonymous said...

So, did anyone else know that if you kill the first YMIR mech too quickly, a second one spawns?