Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mass Effect 2: N7 Quarian Crash Site Tips for Insanity Difficulty

Here are tips for Mass Effect 2: Quarian Crash Site with the difficulty setting of Insanity. I played this mission sometime after the suicide mission so my Shepard was pretty strong. Don't forget to take a look at my general tips for Insanity.

1. Know your enemy. It's varren. But on Insanity, they have armor.

2. Your squad. Zaeed. His Inferno Grenade burns armor and flesh. And its splash effect will damage nearby enemies. Plus he uses an assault rifle.

My number two is Tali. She has a shotgun for close encounters. Plus she has a combat drone which can distract varren.

3. Your weapons, armor and powers please. I play as a soldier. My primary weapons is the Revenant machine gun. My heavy weapon is the Firestorm or you can use the Particle Beam. Note since it takes time switch, you may not use the heavy weapon. You may find the machine gun to suffice. I did.

My armor is the Kestrel. It came with Aegis DLC pack. Gives me more power to the shields.

My bonus power is Slam. Once a varren's armor is down, I can Slam it. And if a varren is in the air, Tali's shotgun will do a lot of damage if not kill it.

4. The Walkthrough. In the Hades Nexus cluster, go to the Sheol system. Land on Gei Hinnom. In this first area, scan the camp. Get the Medi-gel, remember it doesn't replenish on the Normandy so learn to hoard it. Get the palladium. Save your game.

Now go to the larger circular clearing. Okay to your left, you see the wounded Quarian. Position Tali next to her. Scan her. That starts the varren to attack you and the injured Quarian. They come from the cave openings in front of you and to your left.

The first varren usually come from the left. So use Zaeed's Inferno Grenade. Armor down. Feed the varren lead from your machine gun. Here's where Tali comes handy. The combat drone does a great job of distracting varren away from the injured Quarian. Now when you pause with the Power Wheel, look to see where the varren are. If any are near the injured Quarian, give that varren priority. Slam them if you can. It's easier to lost this mission by the Quarian dying than you falling. Keep fighting until the shuttle comes. You can board it and end the mission. But I decided to stand next to the injured Quarian and kill the rest of the varren.

The video below shows how this player got through it. He placed his squad in the cave openings and forced the varren to come from the left. Now note he uses Legion instead of Tali. But it's still the same principle. Legions' combat drone distracted the varren for you to finish it off.

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