Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cincinnati Bengals Owner Mike Brown Is Right

Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown has repeated what he said about trading quarterback Carson Palmer. Palmer has demanded a trade or he will threaten to retire. Mike Brown has said he won't trade Palmer. Here's what Mike Brown says, “I’m not expecting him to be back. Carson signed a contract, he made a commitment. He gave us his word. We relied on his word and his commitment. We expected him to perform here. If he is going to walk away from his commitment we aren’t going to reward him for doing it.” From Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy.

Oh boy, I hate to say this. But Mike Brown is right. Don't get me wrong on the job that Mike Brown is doing. He runs the worst professional sports team on the planet Earth. But trading a player who you've depended on as your franchise player because he demands it, sets an awful precedent. That would open the floodgates. You would never be able to sign players to long term contracts that would be needed at times to keep your good talent in town. You would not be able to win in the long run. Good luck to Bengals new quarterback, rookie Andy Dalton. And if the year is as bad as I think it will be, the Bengals are in the Andrew Luck (Stanford QB) sweepstakes.

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