Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mass Effect 2: "Eye For An Eye" Mission Tips On The Insanity Difficulty Setting

This is my first article on a Mass Effect 2 Loyalty mission for the Insanity difficulty setting. Most of the Loyalty missions can be completed with my general tips for Insanity. Today we talk about Garrus' Loyalty Mission, "Eye for an Eye."

This mission basically has one area that is difficult in Insanity terms. Hey, on Insanity, things are always harder but sometimes they seem impossible. The area is the last warehouse. But let's go over some basics first to get to that point.

1. Basics for "Eye for an Eye."

a. Take Miranda. By the way, I'm assuming you're a soldier since that's my suggestion for the Insanity difficulty. You have to take Garrus because it's his mission. Take Miranda since she can overload shields and warp armor of the LOKI Mechs and YMIR Mechs.

b. Use Disruptor ammo on mechs. It's more effective against mechs.

c. Position your squadmates under cover. Set up crossfires on the enemy.

d. Save your game often.

2. The Boss Battle. Okay, you've reached the office before the final battle in the last warehouse. Pick up the forged IDs for a side mission on the Citadel. (You really don't need them to complete the side mission.) Get the medi-gel. Hack a terminal for a sniper rifle upgrade. Talk to Garrus. Save your game.

When you step out, EDI tells you about crates above containing explosives. I didn't see them. But what you do get is a platform to your left with a merc or trooper. And then there are platforms with crates which you climb to your right. They have mercs or troopers. One has a rocket launcher. There's a merc captain who has biotic powers. To make matters worse, LOKI mechs are ferried from above.

First run to cover of the crates on the floor. Position your squad under cover. Okay, don't be shy about using ammo. Unleash hell on the mercs. You might want to take out the one on the left, first. Okay, take out your sniper rifle and nail the rocket launcher merc and the biotic. These guys are too far and high to expose yourself to their fire. Oh, did I forget? The LOKI mechs are trying to flank you. Use your squad to destroy their armor. Slam them. Continue your efforts to clear the area of mercs. There seems to be an endless supply of LOKI Mechs dropped down. Luckily for you, they move really slow. Note that once you've killed all the mercs, it seems that the LOKI mechs stop being ferried to the battlefield.

Okay, you've finished off the mercs. You climb the platform to the right. Find a data pad and hack it for credits. Climb up and down the platforms. Then you face the...

TWO YMIR MECHS. On normal they can be a pain. On Insanity, they're, well, insane. But I have the tip that makes this last part easy.

THE MILLION DOLLAR TIP. Remember you climbed down to a lower platform and the YMIR mechs engaged you. Don't panic. Run back and climb back up to the highest platform you came down from. Jump over the crates and take cover. The YMIR Mechs will expose themselves but get this, they can't climb the platforms. You see mechs don't climb. Machete doesn't text. Um, sorry for that. From cover you can easily rain down fire on them. And eventually you destroy them with little danger to yourself. Easy.

Once you've finished the YMIR mechs, climb down. Harkin puts up more platforms with LOKI mechs. Take them out with care. The rest of the mission is just choices you help Garrus make. Loyalty of Garrus is complete. Okay when you get his bonus power, armor piercing ammo. If you evolve it to its maximum level, share it with the squad. Sorry, you can only use it if you take Garrus as a member of the squad on a mission.

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