Friday, July 8, 2011

Mass Effect 2: Archangel Mission Tips on the Insanity Dificulty Setting

Here some tips for the Archangel (Mass Effect 2) mission when you play on the Insanity difficulty setting. I'm not going to go over the whole mission but give you tips on the most difficult parts of the mission. First, go over my general tips for the Insanity difficulty setting.

1. Hack the YMIR Mech. After you talk to Jaroth, the Salarian sitting at the table, you'll come upon a YMIR Mech. It's in the room to the left. Hack it, because it will attack the enemy when they try to deploy it. Just remember, it will eventually turn on you.

2. Sergeant Cathka. Okay, when you get to Sergeant Cathka, you get a Renegade prompt. Usually, I don't take it even though it will give me an advantage in the boss battle. This time, take the Renegade prompt or interrupt. Cathka's death will leave the Gunship with reduced armor which means it will be easier to take down during the boss battle.

3. Stay on the high ground. You're asked to hold the fort against Eclipse mercs. I usually stay on the upper floor. On Insanity, you can still do this but the enemy are too fast and will breach the first floor. Well, relax and go to the top of the stairs. You still have the high ground so nail them.

4. The Vindicator assault rifle. I don't like this weapon. The ammo clip is too small. I take it after clearing the initial assault and about to tackle the basement. That's because your squad mates have unlimited ammo. Plus, you can change out for the Avenger assault rifle when you get to the basement level.

5. The basement. No, it's not the address for this blog. Okay, you've left a squadmaate with Garrus. You must close the shutters for the three rooms. Now there are three rooms you need to seal. The rooms in the center and to your left are the easiest. First, load up at the ammo locker. Get medi-gel and remember to preserve it for the boss battle.

a. The center room. This one is the easiest. Still, remember you can't stay in the open so shoot from the cover of the wall beams.

b. The right room or garage. This is the toughest room to close the shutters. First priority are the varren. Now unleash your assault rifle on the mercs. Once you've thin the ranks, move up. Don't expose yourself. Okay, eventually you get to last third of the room. RUN to the right, the side where the shutter control is. RUN TO THE SHUTTER CONTROL. Close it. Take out the stragglers.

c. The left room. You come to a narrow "L" shaped hallway where you are immediately under fire. Get to cover. You did take the missile launcher didn't you? You come to a corner. Around the corner is a pyro. He's got that nasty flamethrower. But your missile launcher fires around corners and the rockets home in on the bad guys. So nail that pyro.

6. Garm. After closing the shutters, you find mercs all over the ground floor. Relax. Take cover when you can. Remember to nail the varren first. Eventually you reach the top floor where Krogen Garm is. But now you've got him in a crossfire. Take him out. You are using your squadmates' powers, aren't you?

7. The Blue Suns. Okay, you've finished off Garm. Now come the Blue Suns who are dropped off by the gunship. Stay in cover. Eventually you will wipe out all the Blue Sun inrantry. The only thing left is the gunship. If you killed Cathka, there's less armor for this ship. Anyway, use Miranda's Warp and Zaeed's Inferno Grenade to reduce the armor. Eventually you will bring it down. Mission over.

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