Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why Is Bristol Palin a Star?

This season Dancing with the Stars has Bristol Palin as one of its contestants. She's the daughter of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Sarah is the face of the right-wing Tea Party movement. Bristol is best known as Sarah's teenage daughter who was pregnant during the campaign.

Why is Bristol Palin a "star?" What has she done? Won a piano concerto contest as a teen? No. Actress? No. Wrote a book? Nope. Got knocked up as a teenager? We have a winner. Teenage pregnancy star. Is that a talent? Something we should look up to? And conservatives complain that liberals control the entertainment industry. What next? Will those Hollywood liberals cast Ann Coulter as Hot Lips Houlihan in a conservative remake of M*A*S*H and call it, "Bizarro M*A*S*H: Hot Lips Houlihan's Revenge?" I can see it now. In one scene, Hot Lips (Ann Coulter) takes a machine gun and kills a group of wounded North Korean prisoners. Coulter then says, "We don't treat you yellow commie bastards. That's what I call Obamacare."

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