Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chapman Wins First Game

The Cincinnati Reds Aroldis Chapman won his first game last night in relief. He merely hit the radar gun with his fast ball clocked at 103 mph. He is now getting national attention. (New York Times story.) If you haven't seen him, let me explain why he's so special. First, he throws over a hundred miles an hour. Second, that's not really his out pitch. It's a nasty slider. Third, his mechanics are beautiful. Smooth. Plenty of use of his legs to propel his body to the plate.

What about the game? Well, the Reds were losing 1-0 to the Milwaukee Brewers in the seventh. Chapman comes in and electrifies the place. Then the Reds put a hurting on them. The Reds scored six runs and put the game away. And since the St. Louis Cardinals aka "The Little Bitches" lost, the Reds are now eight games ahead.

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