Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bring Out the Reds Cliches

Okay, the Cincinnati Reds are slowly finishing off the St. Louis Cardinals aka "The Little Bitches." We need to win the division in a faster manner. Okay, let's dust off the baseball cliches for the Reds and their playoff run.

1. The Hunt for Reds October. I have not heard this cliche from the sports pundits. And I don't know why? It's great.

2. You Play the Game on the Field. Okay, this is for when the Reds make the playoffs. They will be big underdogs. But you want to know something? You don't play the game on paper match-ups. You play the game on the field. Remember that the 1990 Cincinnati Reds were huge underdogs to the Oakland A's. We swept them to win the World Championship.

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