Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bengals Gut Out Victory

Didn't I predict the the Cincinnati Bengals would rebound? Today, the Bengals slugged the Baltimore Ravens and beat them 15-10. By the way, the Ravens were picked by many to take the AFC North. It was your typical AFC North smash mouth football game. Both defenses played well but the difference was the Bengals picked off Joe Flaccid, er, Flacco four times.

The bad. Penalties. The Bengals committed penalties all over the place. The ones on offense killed drives. QB Carson Palmer and T.O. and Chad Occhocinco were not on the same page. But Carson didn't turn the ball over so the Bengals gutted out the victory.

The good. As I said before, the Bengals defense played tough. The pressure by the front four was solid. It could be better but was good enough. The corners were spectacular. Okay, there was a bomb for a TD to Derrick Mason. But overall, they covered the Ravens' receivers like a blanket. And then there were four picks. Bengals' kicker Mike Nugent has quite a leg. Now I see why the New York Jets picked him in the second round in 2005. He easily kicked five field goals and consistently put the ball in the endzone on kickoffs. Bengals win and stay within one game of the Pittsburgh Steelers aka "The Bums." Here's are the highlights.

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