Monday, September 6, 2010

Did the Bengals Bungle Again?

The Cincinnati Bengals cut WR Dez Briscoe who set a bunch of records at big school Kansas to keep WR Jerome Simpson. Now, Simpson played at much smaller Coastal Carolina and for the last two years could not get on the field. This despite being a second round pick. The reasons were apparent when they picked him. Pro Football Weekly's Draft Guide for 2008 said about him, "Faced marginal competition. Runs lazy routes and rounds off too many breaks. Is not a burner." Pg. 49. Briscoe is a big target who gets physical after the catch. Now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have put him on their practice squad. Better hope that Simpson has learned enough to contribute.

The Bengals cut QB J.T. O' Sullivan thus elevating Jordan Palmer to be the number two backup for big brother Carson Palmer. Now folks, if Carson gets hurt that's the season because it's unknown if Jordan can lead the team.

With a need to get another QB, who did the Bengals get? They got Dan LeVevour from Central Michigan University. He was drafted by the Bears in the sixth round and cut. Hold on. The Arizona Cardinals just cut Matt Leinart. This is a guy who started games in the NFL, took snaps from the center and won some little trophy called the Heisman. LeFevour admits he will have to adapt to taking snaps from center. He played in the spread offense at CMU, not a pro offense. Huh? Who's idea was this? Check out this video where ESPN's Kiper and McShay debate his talent.
Oh, here's a video on him and he's working with Zeke Bratkowski. Okay, now I see where the Bungles, I mean Bengals might have gotten the idea to take him over Leinart. Zeke is the father of Bengals Offensive Coordinator, Bob Bratkowski.

Someone also did a highlight video with music by Eminem. Warning: Language. Hey, Pro Football Weekly's Draft Guide for 2010 says he has an "it" factor. Pg. 33.

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Ned said...


Honestly the cut that surprised me the most was Coffman. I realize that we didn't keep a true fullback, which means that we needed the best blocking tight ends. However, he was the most productive pass catching tight end in NCAA history, and he had made massive strides since last season.

As to keeping Simpson over Briscoe, honestly, Simpson looked better than Briscoe this preseason. I know Briscoe is only a rookie, and could have been the future, but we want to win now. Simpson gives us a better chance to win now. He has improved dramatically, and all in all is a better received than Briscoe right now. I was extremely glad we kept Quan Cosby. If you need any reaffirmation just look at Bernard Scott's kick return against the Stoolers.

I'm glad we got LeVevour over Leinart. Leinart has proved many times that he won't be successful in the NFL. LeVevour set records in college and still has room to grow. I was happy to get rid of O'Sullivan. He was absolute garbage in the preseason.

Can't believe the Bengals season is less than a week away! I'll be up in Boston to see T.O. get 15k, Ocho get 10k, and most importantly, a win.