Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lost Sucks, Part 5

Season Six and the series finale of Lost have killed my desire to watch serial television with deep mythological storylines. Why? That's because of my great disappointment in Lost. I spent time running home to watch the first five seasons. Then came season six. And once the episode "Across the Sea" came out, I knew the show was in trouble. Then came the contrived series finale, "The End" and I've realized I wasted six years of my life watching this show.

Yes, I've watched X-Files and still like the first five seasons. And yes, the series finale to that show sucked. The whole alien conspiracy was to build super soldiers?! But you see unlike Lost, there were many shows that stood alone without the stinking series finale spoiling the whole series. Since all of Lost depended on season six, the whole series is now rotten.

Look, I will never say never. But Fringe is beginning to worry me. Will I spend all that time watching a show that will end badly? At least Fringe, is not all about the mythology. We'll see how the ratings for Fringe and other serial shows turn out. I wonder what the sales of Lost DVDs are, especially season six. I believe that Lost may have killed serial television not only for me but for the larger television watching audience.

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