Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The smoking gun of Trump campaign-Russian collusion

The New York Times is reporting that Trump campaign official and son, Donald Trump Jr. received an email indicating that his meeting with Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya was part of a Russian government effort to aid his father. Here's the quote from the report:

"Before arranging a meeting with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer he believed would offer him compromising information about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Jr. was informed in an email that the material was part of a Russian government effort to aid his father's candidacy, according to three people with knowledge of the email." Paragraph 1.

So what does this mean? We now know that Trump Jr. knew he was meeting with a Russian but not just any Russian. Ms. Veselnitskaya was an agent for the Russian government. Trump Jr. was soliciting a campaign contribution from a foreign national, specifically the Russian government. The email proves intent. I know there are conservatives who say this was not illegal. But for you right-wingers, here's the Federal statute that says it's illegal. 11 CFR 110.20 Here's also a See also CNN report.

My fellow Americans, this is likely the tip of the iceberg. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the Senate Intelligence Committee and the House Intelligence Committees probably have more damning material. Regardless, we now have evidence of the Trump campaign working with the Russian government in the 2016 election. Impeach Trump before he hurts us.

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