Monday, July 3, 2017

Educating Bubba

When you look at the 2016 presidential election, liberals must analyze why the Democrats lost the white vote. (Pew Research) In future elections, Democrats must do better with white people. But how? First, let's identify the white voter that liberal Democrats can get. He's a beer drinking, angry white working man. I call him Bubba, the guy that Democrat Bill Clinton won back in the nineties. By the way, not to be sexist here, but Bubba can also be a woman.

I understand Bubba. You see, I'm not white but am an Asian liberal. I grew up in a neighborhood of Appalachian white people in Norwood, Ohio. To win the angry white working man we must educate him. And I'm not talking about patronizing him. But he clearly doesn't know anything about the liberal cause. It's like that Saturday Night Live skit where all these Kentucky voters who love Trump but find out he doesn't represent their interests. (Video below.)

So let's go over what liberals must tell Bubba or the white working man about conservatives and liberals.

1. Conservatives hate Medicaid. That's obvious with the recent attempt by Senate Republicans to gut it by reducing it by 770 billion dollars in order to give the rich a tax cut. Do white working people in Kentucky and West Virginia know this? Because if they did, I would hope they get rid of their GOP senators.

Look, Bubba. It's the liberal Democrats that created the program and want to preserve it.

2. The Democratic Party wants healthcare for all. All you need to consider is Obamacare which expanded Medicaid and whose purpose was to provide affordable healthcare for all citizens. If you want more, there' s a movement by liberal Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to adopt single payer, i.e., Medicaid for all.

3. The Democratic Party is the party of the working man. Tax cuts for the rich has been the mantra of conservative Republicans for years. See Ronald Reagan's trickle down economics. The Democratic Party is the party of labor unions and a livable wage.

4. The Democratic Party is the party that supports women. The face of the Republican Party when it comes to women is President Donald Trump. This is guy that calls women fat pigs, and with journalist Megyn Kelly, he commented that she had blood coming out of her body, a thinly veiled insult about her menstrual cycle. (Video below.) There's the famous Hollywood Access tape where Trump brags he can use is celebrity power to sexually assault women. Just recently he launched attacks against Mika Brzezinski saying she was bleeding and questioned her intelligence. And before you conservative Republicans say Trump doesn't speak for me, he is the leader of your party.

Meanwhile liberal Democrats stand for a woman's right to choose. Equal pay for woman. We respect woman by promoting them to top leaderships of our party. Cong. Nancy Pelosi. Sen. Elizabeth Warren And of course presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

5. Democrats do not want to take Bubba's guns.
I've been a liberal Democrat for over thirty years. And I have not heard one Democrat say they want to repeal the Second Amendment. There's no movement in the party to do this. Yeah, Democrats want common sense gun control. But you don't want guns in the hands of the mentally ill, or terorists, do you angry white guy? We want you to own as many guns as you like. Just no terrorists or mentally ill people.

6. People of color love their country as much as white people.
I remember recently arguing with a white woman. She shouted at me, "Go back to where you came from." And where would I go I thought. Back to Norwood, Ohio ? You see she saw me not as a citizen but an Asian.

Now not all Bubbas are racists. Some are. And to you angry white people that are racists, I know some of you can change. Realize that we people of color love America as much as you. And yes, some of you angry white racist guys think that men of color only want to impregnate white woman. (Video)

Well, angry white racist, that's not true. Because sometime during the mid-century, white people will not be the majority of the population. That's not a lot of race mixing. Regardless, if two people love each other, why should we care about race?

One more thing about the races working together. That diversity served us well in the 1996 and 2016 Olympics. The two American woman teams composed of diverse races won the team Gold in both. Diversity is our strength.

7. It's the liberal Democrats who care about Christian values. You often hear the question "What would Jesus do?" Well, would Jesus throw people off health insurance, and food stamps? Hell, no. Sorry about that cussing, God.

It's conservative Republicans who want to cut Food Stamps and Medicaid. The recent Senate healthcare proposed by the Republicans is a big tax cut for the the big rich funded by the working people. Jesus would not do this. Liberal Democrats oppose the cuts. Liberal Democrats are on the side of Jesus. I often wonder why conservative Republicans want to kill poor people. What the hell is the matter with them? Oops. Sorry God.


Hey, Bubba. Unless you are one of the top one percent of the country in the wealth area, voting for conservative Republicans is not in your interest. Vote for the liberal Democrat instead.

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