Sunday, July 9, 2017

Conservative NRA encourages violence against liberals

There's a new NRA (National Rifle Association) ad that uses a common theme used by right-wing conservatives. Make somebody the enemy. And with conservatives, the enemy is always liberals. In the ad, Dana Loesch says "they" use their media to "assassinate real news", "use their schools to teach children that their President is another Hitler" (presumably Trump) and blames protests on Hollywood actors, Obama and comedians?! for protets against Trump and his right-wing ideas. Loesch angrily ends the ad by stating that the only way to "fight " this "violence of lies" is with the "clenched fist of truth."

First, let me say this ad is totally hypocritical. It's conservatives who lie. President Trump lies constantly. So much that the New York Times has tracked one lie for the first forty days of office. Then there's the lie that conservative Republicans care about healthcare. No. Because if they did they wouldn't be trying to transfer a 770 billion dollar cut to the wealthy in the form of a tax cut. I could go on. And I haven't started with Trump's love for Russian president Vladimir Putin. Something that I'm sure has Reagan spinning in his grave.

But it's the nature of this NRA ad that is reprehensible. It clearly is calling liberals as the enemy. I mean the term "they" describes liberals. It implies that all the millions of people who have protested were violent. Not true. Clearly the Woman's March was non-violent. The problem with the ad is that it calls for gun loving conservatives to commit acts of violence against liberals. Ms. Loesvh says they must fight the "violence" of lies with the "clenched fist" of truth. This sounds like a legal self defense argument that allows "violence' to be repelled by force. In NRA's ad, it means fight the "violence" with a "clenched fist" which every reasonable person knows means to hit something.

To the NRA and Ms. Loesch. Your ad uses fear and hatred. We liberals have as our allies truth, love and justice. We don't need clenched fists. That's because ...

LOVE TRUMPS HATE. And one more thing to drive you conservatives nuts because we have the people with us.


CNN report on NRA ad with opposing thoughts.

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