Monday, July 10, 2017

Richard Engel: Putin's corrupt regime leads to the Magnitsky Act

The New York Times (CNN) is reporting that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer with Putin ties in 2016. The purpose was to see if this Russian had dirt on Hillary Clinton. Aha. Another piece of direct evidence of an American and Trump campaign official, he is the candidate's son, meeting with Russians to collude on defeating Clinton.

Anyway according to the Dear Leader's son, the Russian lawyer talked about Russian adoptions which were ended in retaliation for the American law called the Magnitsky Act.. The law was to punish corrupt Russian oligarchs who had ties to Putin for the death of another Russian lawyer Named Sergei Magnitsky, a dissident. You can get the picture from here. End the sanctions, allow American couples to adopt Russian children.

Richard Engel of MSNBC has done an excellent piece on Putin's corruption, and the deaths of prominent political opponents. Just remember that Trump felt honored to meet Putin. My fellow Americans, resist.

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