Thursday, July 6, 2017

Baby Driver review

Unless you're a fan of films, you may miss Baby Driver in the forest of superhero movies released in the last two months Or maybe it's the title that may put you off. It does sound like a CGI animated family movie. Is it about a cute baby driving in NASCAR? No. So, let me give you a recommendation. See this movie. It's a cool breeze in hot summer of bombastic summer films.

Baby (Ansel Elgort) is a young twenty something getaway driver in Atlanta, Geortia. He's extremely talented at what he does. Consider him the Michael Jordan of getaway drivers. And what helps him concentrate is the music he hears through his earbuds. Baby has to listen to music to drown out the ringing from his tinnitus which he got after being in an auto accident as a child.

When we meet Baby, he's working for Doc (Kevin Spacey), a robbery kingpin. Doc is forcing Baby to drive for the robbery jobs that he sets up because he was caught stealing one of Doc's cars. While Baby is not innocent, he has trouble hurting people. Kevin Spacey is a kind of a nice and proud uncle figure to Baby. But Spacey also demonstrates a villain's cool threatening demeanor without any twirling of a mustache.

This being a movie about bank robbers, you're not going to get nice guys. Crew members include Buddy (Jon Hamm), a former stock broker, who wants the excitement of actually robbing people versus doing it on Wall Street. Darling (Eiza Gonzalez) is Buddy's sexy girlfriend. I predict we're going to see more of Gonzalez in the future. Bats (Jaime Foxx) is the loose cannon with a lunatic rationale for stealing. The victims' property is his property. He is unhinged and unpredictable. Bats doesn't hesitate to deal out death. But not everyone is a crook. Lily James (Cinderella) will make you forget she's English with her good Southern accent. She plays Deborah and for a good part of the movie, her naivete blinds her to Baby's criminal activity.

Writer and director Edgar Wright (The World's End) uses all his skill and experience as a filmmaker to construct a movie that looks to be inspired from Bullitt, Heat, Pulp Fiction, the video game Grand Theft Auto V and the genre of film noir. Yeah, you heard that right. I said Grand Theft Auto V. You have to play the game as it chock full of robberies. And let's not forget the soundtrack. Wright sets all the car chases to music everything from classic rock to blues to R & B. This fusion makes a film that has thrilling action and compelling drama. It is a movie that is near perfect. Wright's car chases feature full shots of the autos. The editing is logical. His guidance of the actors leads to some intense and realistic performances. Only one misstep occurs at the end of the third act where one character seems to have nine lives. That was over the top.

Baby Driver
is the type of heist movie that you want to see multiple times. Think Goodfellas. . This film was morally ambiguous, sometimes humorous and always exciting. It's one heck of a ride. The grade is A Minus.


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