Saturday, July 1, 2017

First direct evidence of collusion between Americans and Russians in the 2016 election

Lost in the Trump Twitter war with Morning Joe was this bombshell news item. The Wall Street Journal has reported that a Republican operative contacted Russian hackers to get Hillary Clinton's deleted emails from her private server. The operative was Peter Smith who indicated that he was working with General Michael Flynn, former National Security Adviser for Trump and also part of the Trump campaign.

And remember, Trump asked the Russians to find those emails. Chris Hayes Video below at the 1:25 minute mark.

And yesterday, the Journal reported that Smith had listed in a recruitment document Trump campaign aides, Steve Bannon, Kelly Ann Conway and Sam Clovis.

No wonder why conservative Republicans have been arguing that even if Trump and the Russians colluded there was no crime. Sorry, conservatives, you are wrong. Check out this Business Insider article detailing the possible crimes. My opinion is that the leading crime committed here is a campaign contribution violation. And Republicans could we have America first over politics?

My fellow liberals and concerned Americans, viva la resistance.

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