Thursday, May 4, 2017

Why conservative Republicans oppose government assisted health care

Right now in the House of Representatives, conservative Republicans are trying to repeal Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) and gut pre-existing condition protections for health insurance. But why are conservative Republicans so against anything that looks like socialized medicine? Why is the conservative Freedom Caucus so interested in making the replacement for Obamacare more cruel by gutting pre-existing conditions?

It all stems from the conservative Republican god, Ronald Reagan. Some of it also stems from author Ayn Rand, a favorite of conservatives like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. (R-Wis.) Anyway in 1961, Reagan cut an LP (vinyl record) preaching the evils of socialized medicine. (Video below.) In essence he argued that socialized medicine would curtail freedom. He used a slippery slope. Reagan argues that once government tells doctors where they can practice, the number of patients they have, etc., that the loss of freedom would lead to the government telling other people what their profession would be and perhaps what school a person can attend. (At 6:50.)

A couple of things to discuss in President Reagan's speech. First, let me commend him on this speech. His delivery is excellent and there is sincerity and passion in his speech. This is a good example of why Reagan was called "The Great Communicator." Second, Obamacare does not mandate where doctors have to practice or how many patients they can have. Additionally since Obamacare has been around, the government does not tell people what jobs they must have or where they need to go to school. So none of Reagan's fears have come to fruition.

If there is a fear that socialized medicine does cause a loss of freedoms, we need to look only at a couple of western democracies. Canada and the United Kingdom have forms of socialized medicine. Neither has forced people to lose personal liberties. I could go on. Denmark, France, Norway and Sweden etc.

Everybody will get sick sometime, even conservative Republicans. Healthcare is something that government has an obligation to do for the people, the same way it must provide for the national defense. If people cannot afford to pay for healthcare, they will die. Furthermore, we need to get private insurance companies out of the health insurance business. They are not interested in paying for medical bills. We need to get a single payer healthcare plan.

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