Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trump leaks top secret information to the Russians!

On May 10, conservative Republican President Donald Trump leaked top secret information to the Russians in the Oval Office. (Washington Post article) I'm not kidding. Today, Trump doesn't deny it but merely tweets that he can and he did it for humanitarian reasons. CNN.

A couple of things here. Yes, the President can declassify top secret information. And he can give it to the Russians. But that may not be in America's interests. First, the Russians are not our allies and many times they are our adversaries. Calling on the ghost of Ronald Reagan please. Second, as the news reports state, there was no permission by the source of the intelligence to disclose it to the Russians. The problem here is that the source may not disclose further information to the United States. That would endanger American lives.

But what is this bromance that Trump has with Vladimir Putin's Russia? Here's a great video on the topic. Watch at the 40 second mark. Trump Jr. states in 2008 that Russians make up a disproportionate section of Trump assets. The video also reiterates the gutting of the pro-Ukraine plank of the Republican platform. Something that most Americans wouldn't be concerned about but Putin would be. The video is a little older so left out is former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and his payment from Russia Today. IF you recall, Flynn resigned for lying about his contacts with the Russians.

Come on conservative Republicans. As Trump would say, "America first." What would Reagan do? Impeach Trump before he kills us.

Thanks Newsy for this video about Trump-Russian connection.

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