Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Russian Spy in the White House?

The Washington Post is reporting that Jared Kushner, White House adviser and son-in-law, to President Trump wanted to set up a secure and secret communications channel between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. This occurred in December of 2016 after Trump won the election. Washington Post.

What does it mean? Without knowing the reasons why Kushner would want a secret way to talk to the Russians, we can only surmise. You can bet it's not about exchanging a top secret borscht recipe. What we can deduct is that the Trump Campaign and the Russians wanted to avoid surveillance by the United States government.


1. Maybe Trump is so paranoid of the Obama administration that he thinks that he is spying on him. Okay, but why the secret channel with just Russia?

2. Reset the relation with Russia. But why the secrecy from America? I mean you don't want to negotiate in public. Still, there's no reason to avoid American intelligence unless you plan on doing something illegal. That leads us to the darker reasons.

3. The Russians are blackmailing Trump. Look, we know for a fact that Trump really likes Putin. Why? Does Trump owe money to Russian oligarchs who are in turn loyal to Putin? Is there really a "pee" tape? The Kremlin using such a channel could then direct its desires on Trump. Ukraine sanctions? Gone.

4. Collusion between the Russians and the Trump Administration. Maybe the Russians and the Trump campaign colluded to defeat Hillary Clinton. So now, maybe the Trump administration and the Russians can work together. Quid pro quo. Ukraine sanctions? Done for hacking of future political enemies.

The more logical and unfortunately darker reasons were underscored last night on MSNBC's program All In with Chris Hayes. Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance highlighted the espionage angle.

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