Friday, May 12, 2017

Trevor Noah on the Comey firing plus Chuck Grassley should be a movie villain

We need an African look at the Comey firing by President Trump. Here's Trevor Noah of the Daily Show with his take. Love the end of the video.

Plus, after watching conservative Republican Charles Grassley (R-Ia) use his time on Monday to not question former Director of Intelligence James Clapper and former Attorney General Sally Yates about Russian interference but talk about leaks to the press, it's become clear that he would be the perfect villain for the movie of the whole Trump presidency. And that movie obviously would be a disaster film. Grassley later commented on concerns on the Comey firing by telling America to "Suck it up and move on." It's at the 7:25 mark of the video. Grassley and almost all of the Republicans are more interested in protecting Trump than worrying about America. Grassley is hateful, angry and political.

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