Saturday, May 6, 2017

Trump says Australia's universal healthcare is better than America's

LOL. President Donald Trump praised Australia's single payer healthcare as a plan that is "better healthcare than we do." Hey, Lying Donald, Australia's healthcare is government sponsored, i.e. it's basically a Medicare for all. The cruel plan you and the Conservative Republicans passed which guts pre-existing guarantees of insurance and Medicaid is nothing like Australia's. You see no one has to worry about paying for healthcare in Australia since the government pays for it. You sir are an idiot. (By the way, Trump later tweeted that Australia does have better healthcare on Friday. Business Insider.)

The irony was not lost on former presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders. (I-Vt.) He was a guest on MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes. Watch him burst out into laughter when he heard Trump praise Australia's auniversal healthcare plan. (From The Independent, below.) I agree with Sanders. Okay, Lying Donald. Get Congress to pass a single payer universal healthcare plan. Medicare for all. I mean you do say that Australia has a better plan.

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