Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trump's bigoted actions show GOP's racism

Now let me say this off the bat. There are many Republicans who are not racist. But the GOP has a dark history when it comes to racism. It's called the Southern Strategy. From Wikipedia, "In American politics, the Southern strategy refers to a strategy by Republican Party candidates of gaining political support in the Southern United States by appealing to racism against African Americans." From the same article, Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman apologized to the NAACP for the policy in 2005.

Let me say this, I don't think it's any mistake that GOP front runner Donald Trump initially refused to disavow David Duke, a KKK member and racist. Yesterday, black college students were ejected from a Trump rally for doing nothing. They were there to watch. USA report. , Today, Senator Mike Rounds R-S.D. said that even if Trump did not make a mistake about not disavowing Duke or white supremacists that Trump would still be the better than the Democrats. Really? A racist would be a better president? But here's what to remember about today. It's Super Tuesday where a bunch of southern states will vote. Alabama. Arkansas. Georgia. Oklahoma. Tennessee. Texas. Virginia. And for Trump, that's a lot of white racist votes for him to get.

Furthermore, the Republicans never liked President Obama. And they've disrespected him from the beginning. First there was Sen. Mitch McConnell who outlined the GOP agenda about making Obama a one term president. Then there was the birther stuff. A lot of it coming from Trump. He even questioned Obama's intelligence by raising doubts as to how he could get in Columbia and Harvard. Now, the Republicans refuse to hold hearings on Obama's Supreme Court. justice nominee. I've never seen such disrespect for a president. I can only put it on one thing. The old racists in the GOP still have power.

But it's one thing to appeal to the racists in the party for primary. It's another thing in the general election. The Republicans can count on losing moderates, liberals and independents for such policies, let alone minorities. This is not 1968.

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