Monday, March 7, 2016

Some political advice to Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

I've decided to write this open letter giving you my advice on how to wrap up the Republican Presidential nomination by the end of March. Yes, I am a liberal Democrat but like you am somewhat politically incorrect. But I want you to win the nomination. Why? Because I don't believe you have a chance of winning the general election and even someone who is an avowed socialist like Bernie Sanders will win. So, let's get to it.

1. Winning Ohio and Florida next week will clinch the nomination for you. Yes, it ain't over if you do that but nobody is going to catch you if you take Ohio and Florida. Ted Cruz? Cruz is not going to take New York, California or Pennsylvania. He's out of states near Texas and I don't count the Maine win as anything substantial. That's like Marco Rubio taking Puerto Rico. But Ohio and Florida are winner take all states. Ohio has 66 and Florida has 99 delegates at stake. You win these two, and you can pretty much tell everybody to drop out.

2. Let Cruz help you in Florida. I know you hate "lying" Ted as you call him. Hey, who doesn't hate Cruz? But as long as he's in Florida, he takes away votes from Marco Rubio which is his home state. If he and his Super PAC put money in Florida to defeat Rubio then rejoice. And there is a Politico report that's this is true. Well, Donald move some of your assets elsewhere.

3. Put John Kasich out of his misery. Yes, I am an Ohioan but I'm objective when I say Ohio is important in the general election. Why do you think the convention is in Cleveland? Republicans don't win if they don't take Ohio. For you, Donald, you can probably end the primary race in Ohio.

Since Cruz is going to tie down Rubio in Florida, start moving more appearances and money to Ohio. Public Policy Polling has Ohio governor Kasich trailing you but only by three points, 38-35 percent. And you can't make the argument that Kasich is hated in his home state. But it's a state within your grasp.

I know Ohio. You need to turn out your voters first. Your voters are obviously the angry white men with many of them of the redneck variety. Those voters are south of Columbus. Try southeast Ohio. Here in Hamilton County, where Cincinnati is, there are still many angry white male Republicans. They all live in the suburbs. So do your ad buys and events in these areas. Later in the week, campaign in parts where you will be welcome but not overtly Democratic areas like Cleveland. That would be further north of Columbus. You don't want videos of your racist followers beating black protesters. Remember that Joe the Plumber is from Holland, Ohio near Toledo. There are pockets up northwest where Republicans are comfortable.

Part of your appeal to the neanderthals of the world is your bullying of other candidates. Again, bad to attack Kasich in his home state. Instead make Rubio your scapegoat. He's still in the race and you can whip up the Nazis, er ... crowd by beating up on him. Keep calling him 'Little" Marco and talk about all his sweat.

Well, good luck Donald. Hope you win the nomination so you can be destroyed by the Democratic nominee.

Bernie "Not Sanders" Wong.

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