Friday, March 4, 2016

Rubio raised the size of Trump's junk first

So, I'm watching the Republican debate last night. And a fight broke out about the size of Donald Trump's hands. You see Sen. Marco Rubio had been making jokes about how small Trump's hands and a part of a man's body. Well, Trump showed his hands to demonstrate they were big and made a comment that there was nothing wrong about another part of his body, implying... ahem, his penis. There I said it. Well, a man has got to defend his junk. However, oh my God, this is freaking history. We have in a Republican debate, a candidate defending his junk. And yes, this is a PG rated blog so I'm not going to discuss any particular sex act. But folks, we had a scandal where President Clinton was impeached by the Republicans for lying about not having sex so none of this should be shocking.

But these attacks have on The Donald sound familiar. I've already written about Rubio's joke that Trump bankrupted his own casino. It's very reminiscent to Lewis Black's hilarious piece from The Daily Show in 2011. That Black joke starts at the 1:20 minute mark below.

I've also noticed that Rubio's jokes about Trump's hands sounds familiar. And remember, Rubio was the one that started this hand and junk stuff before the debate. (Breibart report.. Yes, I know that's a right wing site. Hey, I'm fair and balanced.) Well, it sounds like he might have got the idea from John Oliver in his HBO piece on Trump. Oliver notes that Trump is thin skinned about the size of his hands. Check that out in the riotous video below at the six minute mark.

And after you've seen Oliver's videos, you'll note something that sounds familiar. Mitt Romney's attacks on Trump's businesses and self financing reflects Oliver's jokes. Maybe the establishment Republicans should give some credit to those liberal Hollywood comedians.

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