Sunday, March 13, 2016

Defend yourself, Bernie Sanders

At an Ohio rally, Donald Trump called Senator Bernie Sanders, a "communist." This will be the line of attack, Sanders will face from conservative Republicans especially from Trump.

Sanders responded by calling Trump a pathological liar. Bernie, you must do better. Defend yourself. This reminds me of 1988 when Mike Dukakis was attacked viciously by George W. Bush. And Dukakis basically did nothing. Bernie, you must educate the Donald. Here's what you should say,

"Donald, you say you went to the best schools. Well, obviously you must have been a terrible history student. Socialism is not communism. Communism is like the old Soviet Union, the system that your buddy Putin yearns for. Democratic socialism is like Denmark, which is a democracy. I'd be very happy to educate you further if you can take time from calling Mexican immigrants rapists and calling on your supporters to pledge allegiance to you."

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