Monday, August 19, 2013

The Power of Alice Eve's Underwear, part 2

The Las Vegas Star Trek convention has just ended. And on day two, Stat Trek Into Darkness' Alice Eve who played Carol Marcus made an appearance. She commented on the "infamous" underwear scene. First she noted that Chris Pine had a shirtless scene. But this is what she had to say about being in her undies,

"I didn't know it would cause such a ruckus. I didn't feel exploited. She's very smart and she's very fit. Heaven forbid if she has it all."

Now I've written two stories about this. (Alice Eve's Underwear sets Internet on fire; The Power of Alice Eve's Underwear) And I've fought online with radical feminists and the political correct (PC) police. Get this? I'm a liberal who supports many ideas of the feminist agenda. Pay equity, right to choose, etc. Anyway, I say to the radical feminists and PC police, case closed. She did not feel exploited. Why don't you guys work on something worthwhile, like increasing the minimum wage.

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