Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer Movies Can Have Quality

Matt McDaniel of Yahoo has written about the biggest movies of the summer. And if you look at the top 10 domestic grossing movies of the year, they're all summer films. By the way, I agree with his assessment that The Hangover was the biggest surprise. Though, it's easy to see why it was popular. It's a funny, raunchy tale of three likeable guys celebrating a friend's wedding in Vegas.

But there always some who decry about the lack of quality in summer movies. Well, this year five of the ten were received favorably. (See And I challenge anyone to tell me where there was a mainstream film like "Up" that starts in such an endearing and sad manner. In "Up", you had the tale of a happily married couple, their life and the death of the wife in the first fifteen minutes. That's not commercial but is certainly courageous. It's also an exciting adventure and comedy. It should be nominated for Best Picture and is the best film made this year. "Up" definitely stands the test of time. So, who says there aren't Oscar quality films in the summer.

Will success spoil Star Trek?

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