Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Avoid the Wolfenstein (XBOX 360) Freeze

Here's how I avoided the Wolfenstein freeze and crash. My game froze and crashed at the "Black Sun" loading screen, the last mission. Mein Lieben! So, on another profile on the same XBOX, I started a new game. I collected less than 80% of each of the Collectibles. I did not replay a mission. IT WORKED! I was able to get to the last level, "Black Sun" without it freezing and crashing. I finished the game. Update. Sept. 13, 2009. Activision suggested that I play a previous saved game and delete the rest. I deleted games as I went forward. At the end, I had one saved game before I hopped into the Black Sun portal. That worked. I was able to have 100% in collectibles and play the last level. I also started a new game and deleted previous saves as I progressed through the game. By the time I reached the portal room on the Zeppelin, I had one save from the current mission in the file. I was able to complete the game with 100% of the collectibles. I recommend that you use this method as it will allow you to get all the collectibles.

Here's what happened when my game originally crashed. Being a serious gamer, I went about collecting all the items; gold, intel, and tomes on the normal difficulty level. I got 100% of each before I jumped through the portal to start the "Black Sun" level, which is the last mission and concludes the story. I also replayed a mission but I'm guessing that's not what caused the crash since many players probably replay missions without going for the 100% and they haven't crashed, at least I haven't seen people reporting it. The "Black Sun" mission screen appeared and the blue bar that colors the title "Wolfenstein" showing you it is loading freezes in the middle before the "t." The game has crashed.

I then saw on a forum that it was the amount of collectibles. One poster said it was over 80% would cause a freeze and crash. There were also concerns about replaying missions coupled with that. I decided to play on another profile on the same XBOX. I kept my collectibles below 80%, playing the game on the normal difficulty level. The numbers I had before I jumped into the Black Sun portal were as follows: Gold, 77%; Tomes, 74 %; and Intel, 68%. The game progress was at 87%. I completed all missions including side missions before the "Black Sun." I did not replay a level. I chose to load games not from continue from last saved game but chose the load game option. I want to mention that I also play offline. By the way, I still collected enough gold to buy weapons even though I did not get all of the money. Doing the above worked. I got through Wolfenstein. The only problem that you'll have doing it this way is that you can't get certain achievements but I would argue that it's more important to get through the game. (Please see the above update.)

Thanks to all you who post on Internet forums. I got the ideas from you. See, the Internet can give you accurate information. Here are two forums that were helpful.

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